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Pipe Bending Die

Bending die or we can say bending tools are those components which are used to bend the pipe or tube at any angle on our desired radius, the shape of these tools mainly depends upon the type of machine which we are using for bending (C.N.C bending, roller bending or manual bending). As the main objective of bending is to get a smooth and a clean bend

With the help of these bending tools, the process of bending becomes clean and precise due to which we can get no of bends in a pipe with the continuous equal reading.

The quality of bend in pipe or tube depends on the tooling quality and its precision with the proper parameters of the machine

pipe bending die

pipe bends

Tubular Components

There is a wide variety of the Tubular Components used in automobile industries these days.

Some of them are used in almost every air conditioner of the car, tubing is used to transfer liquids or gasses from one place to another, there are inlet pipes, outlet pipes also known as inlet passage or outlet passage. These pipes are made up of aluminum and covered with EPDM and insulator to prevent heat loss from the liquid or gasses flowing through it.

Receiving Gauges

A gauge is basically used to check the measures are working within the desired parameters or not. There are several types of gauges:
Profile checking gauge, Receiving gauge, Leakage testing gauge, Ring gauge, Plug gauge, Snap gauge.

Purpose of using Receiving Gauges

  • For checking several dimensions in a single go.
  • Able to check critical profiles by just placing component over the gauge.
  • Very Precise manufacturing according to the tolerance of the component.
  • Steady reading in high vibration area.
  • Easy to re-range and check component.
  • No expertise required for checking the component.
  • Fast checking (without using Height Gauge or CMM Machine)

Receiving Gaugefinal inspection gauge

NC Pipe Bending Machine

NC Pipe Bending Machine (Single Axis Pipe Bending Machine)

These Pipe Bending Machine are mainly fit for Furniture, plumbing and bathing equipment, handle, motorbike, automobile fittings, ship..etc
Product Description

  1. NC Pipe Bending Machine Control Unit,imported electric and hydraulic elements.
  2. Direct Acting Hydraulic clamping.
  3. Easy Operator Interface and Easy Data Input by English.
  4. Large Program Storage Capacity.
  5. Automatically lock angle and the bending accuracy is high.
  6. Angle changing is controlled by the coder.
  7. The foot-switch with multiple-function: automatic start, emergency stop and resuming, the safety is high.
  8. Self Diagnosis and Error Messages
  9. Suitable materials: Steel pipe, Stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, iron, and others.

5 Axis CNC Pipe Bending Machine (Multy axis Axis Pipe Bending Machine)

Features of Pipe Bending Machine:

  • Die to clamp on the machine will be through Hydraulic Cylinders.
  • Bending Axis can be powered by Hydraulic Cylinder or Servo Motor (As an option).
  • Touch Screen PLC is used in our all Pipe Bending Machines.
  • Push, Turn and Bending all options are can be customized from the touchscreen.
  • Simulation of pipe bending can also be done Using the IPC as an option

CNC Pipe Bending Machine